Commanders Orders Model Kit


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This MODEL KIT has been designed and produced by a BRECON TRAINED INSTRUCTOR.

It has been used and tested in different areas of the world including the JUNGLE and DESERT ( Mainly Dartmoor)

What you have here is a no fuss, no fancy pictures or monoply houses MODEL KIT.

The Cards are WATERPROOFED and are duplicated so you can make sure that you have the right cards for your MODEL in GENERAL and your MODEL in DETAIL.

There is also 5 different colours of LARGE RIBBON again in duplicate for both your models.

There is also 4 pieces of LARGE CHALK.

And 10 MARKERS for the scale.

So what you are getting here is more than enough kit for 2 models ( which is what you need )

The 2 sets of cards and ribbons are in seperate waterproof bags. And the Whole KIT comes in a plastic waterproof container which is small enough to fit into a webbing pouch with room to spare !!!!!

This Type of Model kit has been used on numerous Promotion Courses and Exercises to GREAT SUCCESS.

You will receive two A4 Fully Waterproofed sheets of cards which are really easy to cut for your needs.