Officer White Parade Gloves - Button Cuff


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An essential item for Parade occasions, this unlined cotton ceremonial glove has classic 3 point styling on the back of the hand and a button fastening at the wrist. Manufactured in the UK, superior weight cotton simplex, this should not be confused with "see through" cotton gloves available from the Far East.

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the dominant hand (the right hand if you are right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand at the widest part (between your thumb and index finger) and make a loose fist.

Make a note of this measurement and check our sizing guide below.


Size XS = 7" (17.8 cms)
Size S = 8" (20.3 cms)
Size M = 9" (22.9 cms)
Size L = 10" (25.4 cms)
Size XL = 11" (27.9 cms)